Grant applications

Getting started

Writing a grant application is a major undertaking. You are entering a fierce competition for funding, and it’s crucial to submit a strong proposal first time round since many funders do not accept resubmissions.

We will support you with technical and practical help to ensure your application meets all of the requirements.

Here are some general guidelines on how to prepare a grant application.

How to prepare a proposal

The main steps in preparing a grant application are:

  1. Identify suitable funders or research funding calls that may meet your needs
  2. Check the funder's guidance notes
  3. Develop your research proposal and establish the resources that will be needed to deliver it
  4. Cost your proposal as accurately as you can. There are a range of guidelines to help you identify and estimate the costs of the different elements that will be needed including staff, equipment, consumables and recruiting participants into your trial. Our Funding development Team can provide a costing template for you.
  5. Complete the funder's application form
  6. Request approval to submit your application via the Funding Development Team
  7. Submit your application to funder

Supporting documents

You will find the supporting documents for grant applications and all research-related documents and standard operating procedures here .

Contact the Funding Development Team