Nottingham Joint Research Office

The Nottingham Joint Research Office was launched in January 2021 to support researchers in the development, implementation and delivery of world-class experimental, translational and clinical research.

A partnership between Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham, it brings together our expertise in:

  • study design
  • regulatory processes
  • clinical trials management
  • contracting
  • quality control and assurance
  • finance and
  • data, statistics and analysis. 

Doing your research in Nottingham

We are here to help you to develop, implement and deliver world-class experimental, translational and clinical research in Nottingham. 

What do you want to do?


  • Involve patients and the public in my research
  • Promote my research study
  • Request sponsorship
  • Register intellectual property
  • Access tissue or data resources